NewFuture is an email forum for Ashfield residents to discuss what we can do to ensure Ashfield’s future through climate change, Peak Oil, and the economic/social upheavals the world is experiencing as resources become ever scarcer. This is the place to share news items, questions, fears, comments, upcoming events and visions on how we as individuals and a community can power-down and decrease our dependence on fossil fuels and electricity. It is managed by Anna Fessenden.

This list is not intended for debate on whether these events are real or myth, or not really happening as there are many forums on the internet already for that. It is intended to be a place to talk openly about the reality we face, to share personal preparation suggestions and visions on how best to make our community resilient to the economic, energy and environmental challenges humankind is facing.

Why now? In the event that we start to see ever more and longer failures of the power grid and interruption of internet service, let’s make use of these tools while we still have them.

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